200W solar powered flood light camera CCTV with security and lighting function all-in-one 200W


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“High-definition surveillance”, “5G Internet of Things”, “Ultra-low power consumption”, “Strong endurance”, “Signal stability”, and “High light efficiency” are the main advantages of this product.


The lamp body has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which relies on the solar panel to absorb solar energy and convert it into electric energy, which is stored in the battery, and then supplied to the solar lamp and monitoring work.


The monitoring operation needs to be connected to WiFi, which can be viewed in real time, remotely switched lights or replayed through the mobile APP. The products are widely used in family courtyards, farms, orchards, etc.


Selling Points:

1. 196 pieces high-lighted 2835 lamp beads, let the night no longer dark

2. Adopt a-level monocrystalline silicon solar panels to optimize the system plan.Increase the charging efficiency by 30%;

3. 1080P HD video record with full color night vision function. Imaging clearer and more real so can be clear at a glance  at night;

4. Intelligent mobile detection and alarm, multi-angle care;

5. Easy installation. Only three steps can be used. The first step is to connect WIFI. The second step is to download the “YMCVIEW” APP. And the third step is to scan the qr code of the product and complete the docking with the phone.

6. Free 16GB CARD. With a large capacity SD memory card and support 24 hours of cloud storage. Video playback faster and not miss every wonderful moment



Please note that to ensure the waterproof function,the TF card is built-in and cannot be replaced.





Memory 16GB

[battery] lithium iron phosphate 24Ah

[photovoltaic panel] A-level polycrystalline silicon 5V/28W (500*350mm)

[number of lamp beads] 144 pieces

[mirror head] 2 million pixels

[discharge time] 2 cloudy or rainy days

[Function] Intelligent light control for 4 hrs+radar model

[lamp body size] 258*213*45mm

waterproof wire/u-frame/remote control/screw



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